The Organisation

As an Association, we achieve a low-overheads operation structure. There is no wasteful bureaucracy. No top-heavy management structure. No expensive add-ons.

Officers of the NTTA are active in the trailer industry on a day-to-day basis. They know the business and they, like you, experience its pleasures and problems. But for all the trimness of its organisation, it has a formidable voice. It has a fine record of achievement - a record that we intend to maintain and improve upon through the involvement of our present and future members.

To join the NTTA, click on the Request Membership Info link and send it to us without delay. We will send you an information pack which includes an application form.

Your membership will add to the NTTA's strength, to our mutual benefit.

Strength in Numbers

By belonging to the NTTA you will help to form a body with a national and international influence. The Association can often achieve results unobtainable by individual companies.

  • By contributing to the NTTA you are making possible the issue of promotional matter, and other campaign material to help communicate the many benefits of using trailers, and to overcome the many unfounded fears and myths that surround trailer operations.
  • Membership also makes possible the block-booking of exhibitions and display stand space at appropriate national and international exhibitions. This has strong benefits in terms of stand space costs. 'Going it alone' can be painfully expensive.

Technical Advice

As a member of the NTTA you will be kept informed of the latest advances in technology relating to trailer materials, couplings, finishing, tyres and suspensions, electrics, security and other matters.

Because we have a vast pool of knowledge through our membership and database we are able to resolve many technical queries and suggest technical solutions to commonly-encountered problems.

Our members now have 24-hour a day access to all the latest updates through our NTTA members section on our website.

Marketing Activities

As an NTTA member you never need to have a disappointed customer or a missed sales opportunity. NTTA membership is varied, members complementing the equipment and services provided by each other.

  • Unable to satisfy a particular customers needs? Your membership list might suggest an NTTA member who can satisfy that requirement, and - conversely - yours might be the company to whom the business is referred.
  • Similarly, groups of members, perhaps by geographical location, perhaps by trailer type, often find it beneficial to pool their resources on PR, advertising and promotions. The NTTA can give you help and advice on such valuable cost-saving strategies

Trailer & Towing Legislation

Many of the myths that surround trailer operation have sadly found their way into national and even international legislation.

The NTTA is committed to improving this situation and so strongly lobby the Government and the EC to remove or amend irrelevant, and introduce useful and sensible measures instead.

  • We do this by being represented wherever possible on national and international committees, by preparing detailed and well-argued reports, backed up by case studies and technical arguments.
  • We also study Green and White Papers and make strong representations in response, on behalf of NTTA members.
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