Membership of the NTTA

Membership of the National Trailer and Towing Association is open to companies and organisations involved in the light trailer and towing industry.

Such organisations include:

  • Trailer Dealers and Hirers
  • Trailer Manufacturers
  • Towbar Manufacturers
  • Towbar Fitters
  • Manufacturers of Portable Equipment (e.g. Compressors, Generators, Pumps etc.)
  • Component and Accessory Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • User Groups
  • Everyone whose Business is Trailers & Towing.
  • Training to Tow

Why you should join the NTTA

The NTTA is an association that promotes safe and legal towing. We are the voice of the light towing and trailer industry and being part of the NTTA means that you have representation at SMMT, TUG, DfT, BSI, NTWG, Towing Forums and Government meetings. We provide advice on technical matters, the law and other trailer and towing related subjects. We also offer a number of benefits including:

  • Credit/debit card processing partner
  • Specialist business insurance
  • Debt recovery partner
  • Purchased trailer insurance
  • Trailer finance provider
  • Motor trade insurance
  • Help and support from like-minded people and businesses
  • Your subscription also includes automatic entry to the Buyers Guide on our website, and increasingly consulted source of the best suppliers in the towing industry!

And discounts from:

  • A tool manufacturer and supplier
  • A company specialising in tracking devices
  • Fire and Security products
  • Social Media services
  • Fuel Card savings
  • Vehicle Brokers
  • Supplier of number plates
  • Supplier of automotive parts
  • Corporate uniform and work clothing supplier
  • Discount on industry relevant training courses
  • Discount on Security Solutions
  • Finance Solutions
  • Discount from a computer technology company
  • Discount on membership from a company specialising in business services
  • Discounted rate from a HR specialist

What the NTTA can offer you:

The NTTA has been striving for over 40 years to improve safety and standards in the towing and trailer industry. We offer all NTTA members that are eligible (i.e. those that fit towbars and / or service trailers) the opportunity to gain a star rating on their NTTA website listing, by working through a Quality Secured (QS) scheme and becoming an NTTA Trusted Workshop.

Members are asked to provide information that show they are working to key elements and they are visited at least once a year (either at the company premises or via an online face to face call) to receive a thorough assessment by an NTTA Quality Secured Assessor.

The scheme looks at a number of different aspects of your company including relevant documentation, compliance of industry policy and procedures, customer service, relevant qualifications and training, culminating in the Quality Secured assessment which looks at workshop equipment and practice, customer complaints procedure, staff knowledge etc.

Successful completion of all the criteria allows your company to be awarded your annual Quality Secured accreditation and become a 5* Trusted Workshop member on the NTTA website.

You will be sent the 5* scheme application pack on joining the NTTA to work through and when you are ready to become a 5* Trusted Workshop member and have your assessment, our QS Assessors will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Below are some of the additional benefits that will be delivered to Trusted Workshop members:

  • A certificate of accreditation, banner, and signage for your premises.
  • You will be able to join the NTTA Trailer Safety Scheme, working alongside the Police and Highways England to highlight and promote trailer safety, raising public awareness of the importance of getting their trailers serviced
  • Direct customer referrals from user groups e.g. Camping and Caravanning Club, the Caravan and Motorhome Club, National Utilities, Local Authorities, Specialist Groups etc and from the NTTA’s user training programmes.
  • Effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – national promotion through the NTTA website (which receives approximately 10,000 visits per month) directing customers to Quality Secured members.
  • A reliable knowledge base, information pooling, networking and technical backup.
  • Clear guidance on standards and quality issues
  • Support for improvement guidance and appraisal from respected assessors
  • A workable complaints and arbitration procedure
  • The “Get a Towbar Quote” and “Trailer/Caravan Service Quote” Module systems on the website. Whenever a member of the public enters their details on the site, an enquiry email is automatically sent to the 5 geographically nearest Trusted Workshop Members.

N.B The cost of the QS Assessment is £363 (inc VAT) and is separate from the annual membership fee. 

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